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According to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission, two of the top scams in consisted of identity fraud and romance scams. Police say a bank warned a woman about suspicious activity on her account. Branded content is written by or on behalf of our sponsor and not by Global News' editorial staff.

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If you'd like to learn more An Oshawa woman who said she had her bank account hijacked and money stolen is angry with Scotiabank for not giving her warning something was wrong. Four men between the ages of 45 and 53 are due in court Tuesday on charges including fraud, conspiracy, forgery and money laundering.

A new survey suggests over half of Canadians have fallen victim to financial fraud — and that unaware millennials are the most likely targets.

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Three people are facing charges on Vancouver Island in connection with a stolen credit card investigation. Latest financial fraud news.

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July 26, pm. March 18, pm.

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Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos at 19 but her success came to a sudden halt when she was charged with " massive fraud " in March. Financial fraud isn't new, and the extent of the crime can vary significantly. In some cases, billions of dollars are lost and companies end up bankrupt. Most cases have at least one person, but often a group of fraudsters, going to prison. Some cases involve forged documents, while others focus on trying to sell an item somebody doesn't own.

Ponzi schemes are also common. Even bitcoin has been the source of fraud. From corporate scandals, to major forgeries, to individual pyramid schemes, keep reading to see the most notable, and expensive, fraud cases of all time. The book on this alleged fraud case is still being written. First, the large American bank got caught with millions of fake accounts in an instance of employees trying to meet quotas through cross-selling. Now, Wells Fargo is under fire for improperly handling fraud cases because it closed many of the accounts in question instead of performing the legally mandated investigation.

Elizabeth Holmes promised to change the world of medicine with new technology and lured investors like Henry Kissinger and James Mattis and a partnership with Walgreen's. Holmes performed demonstrations using other company's technology while claiming it was the work of Theranos. The SEC recently charged Houston based pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell and self-described financial planner Greg Smith in a scheme that allegedly involved luring innocent people into investing in old Chinese bonds with no worth, with the promise of large returns.

The Italian-born immigrant created such an uproar over his crimes that any investment fraud or pyramid scheme committed bears his name. From to , Ponzi ran a large scale international trading scheme involving reply coupons on mail stamps. The Houston-based energy company had a mighty collapse in after a failed merger and, what was at the time, the largest US bankruptcy. Enron committed fraud by overstating earnings. Numerous executives were found guilty of various crimes from obstruction of justice, money laundering, and insider training.

Madoff is currently serving a sentence of years in federal prison for securities fraud. Accounting firm Arthur Andersen — which was later implicated in wrongdoing with Enron — found irregularities during an audit of Cendant.

After SEC charges, multiple executives were found guilty of fraud for submitting false reports. Eventually, the company split its assets, dividing subsidiaries such as Avis, Century 21, Orbitz, and Ramada. Abagnale was also an expert forger who falsified checks, passports, licenses, and other IDs.

While the king refused to buy it, the countess de La Motte bought it in under the pretense of gifting it to the queen. A prestigious cardinal was supposed to pay for the necklace in installations on behalf of the countess, but no money ever came the jewelers' way.


By the time they brought the matter up with Marie Antoinette — who wasn't aware of the purchase — the countess had sold the necklace in pieces in London. This incident was an inciting factor of the French Revolution that helped bring down the monarchy. The countess escaped prison, but died from injuries sustained from falling out a window while avoiding debt collectors. Arthur Andersen was again involved with a huge fraud case when they noticed irregularities and accounting practices that were not acceptable on WorldCom's books. The telecommunications company used internal transfers and false operating expenses to hide decreasing earnings.

WorldCom filed for bankruptcy in and the CEO and CFO went to jail for lying about billions of dollars in yet another case of corporate accounting fraud.

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The Hospital Corporation of America and Columbia Healthcare Corp merged in to form a company operating hospitals. Keating bought Lincoln Savings and Loan which took advantage of loose regulations on banking investments.

The Rise of Financial Fraud: Scams Never Change but Disguises Do

By , federal investigators dove deep into the financial company and caused the savings and loan scandals. The group of legislators known as the Keating Five were found to have been in the wrong, but faced no legal punishment. The German magazine Stern purchased 60 volumes of forged Adolf Hitler journals for 9. The diaries were supposedly lost in a plane crash which actually did occur and journalist and Nazi memorabilia collector Gerd Heidemann claimed to have found the lost documents.

New bank scam even fooling experts

Heidemann had actually bought the diaries from Konrad Kujau, who, despite obvious mistakes in his forgeries, consistently had his work approved as authentic.