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The Saddle Club is determined to master vaulting and show Veronica diAngelo that success takes more than fancy coaches. Can they pull this off? Or is The Saddle Club plus eight goslings and one vaulting horse a recipe for disaster? On the trail ride, Carole falls seriously ill, and Lisa has to leave her to get help. Before long, a stray horse named P. Stunned and upset, Lisa pulls away from everyone—even her friends—and devotes herself to caring for P. But how can they help Lisa if she keeps shying away? When a fiery and famous show jumping team arrives at Pine Hollow and begins stirring up trouble, Carole and Stevie have to convince Lisa that they need her help—fast.

But part of their preparation involves raising money--a lot of it! When Lesia relizes that Carole and Stevie are haveing a hard time comeing up with the cash, she takes matters into her own hans.

At the same times, Carole and Stevie are secretly plotting to help each other. Will The Saddle Club be able to fix this funding fiasco in tiem for the show? Mean while, a winter storm is brewing that may give the girls even more trouble. When things get rought, THe Saddle Club must work together harder than ever to prove that the strenth of friendship can get them through even the toughest times.

The Saddle Club Book Covers. Links to other Saddle Club books. Saddle Club Super Edition. Pine Hollow. Inside Story. Carole and Stevie are happy to find that Lisa, the new student at Pine Hollow Stables, shares their enthusiasm for riding and horses and, as their friendship grows, the three girls decide to form the Saddle Club.

After she and her Saddle Club friends return from an enjoyable overnight camping trip with other members of Pine Hollow Stables, Carole is delighted to be given the care of a thoroughbred stallion she's come to love. Carole is busy tending to a pregnant mare and Stevie's organizing games for a junior horse show at Pine Hollow. Summer vacation is finally here and the Saddle Club can't wait for riding camp at Pine Hollow Stables.

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When a horse bolts during a Pine Hollow trail ride, Carole saves the day--but she's not happy when the horse's rider develops a crush on her. Stevie, Lisa, and Carole learn about western riding and cattle round-ups when they visit a dude ranch out west. Can Stevie believe her ears? Lisa Atwood starts writing a column for a small weekly newspaper but takes her power of the press too far when she reports gossip as the truth, which results in alienating her Pine Hollow friends.

The Saddle Club girls are looking forward to riding camp with its shows, games, and demonstrations. The Devine's dude ranch is in financial trouble. Steve and Lisa are excited about holiday plans but the holidays sadden Carole since her mom died. Lisa is excited about going to the Caribbean with her family for the winter holidays where she will be able to ride on the beach.

No one is more excited than Stevie when Max announces that the Italian Boys' equestrian team will be coming to Pine Hollow stables for a special visit. Stevie is excited about a great new sport--polocrosse. Veronica's horse Garnet is kidnapped, and the Saddle Club members resolve to catch the horsenappers at any cost.

Stevie, Carole, and Lisa join their old friends from the Bar None Ranch for a five-day horseback wilderness trek. Lisa, Carole, and Stevie can't believe their luck: Skye Ransom, the teen idol they met on their trip to New York, is starring in a new movie, and he wantsthe girls to help him with his riding. Enthusiastic about a visit with her friend Dinah in Vermont, Stevie foolishly agrees to accompany Dinah on a ride up the dangerous Rocky Road trail--off-limits to all but the most experienced riders.

Left without a mount when Starlight is injured, Carole begins helping out local veterinarian, Judy, who gives her access to dozens of race horses, but Carole soon learns that caring for a race horse is lots of work.

When Stevie's boyfriend, Phil, invites the members of the Saddle Club to participate in a real fox hunt, the girls decide to conduct a mock hunt at the Pine Hollow Stables in order to prepare for the real thing. Despite their well-meaning attempts to manage the Pine Hollow Stables while Mrs. Delighted with the possibility of catching sight of a herd of wild horses, the Saddle Club enthusiastically accepts friends Kate and John's invitation to the Bar None Ranch, but a mysterious Indian legend could turn their fun into danger.

The Saddle Club can hardly wait for the horse show in two weeks! For winter break, Carol Hanson finds out she is going to Florida for Mid-winter break to her cousin's house. When three members of the Saddle Club participate in a special event at Pine Hollow Stables, Carole uses the opportunity to impress a cute rider named Cam Nelson. The Saddle Club has been invited to go out West and help Eli and Jeannie run a summer riding camp for kids.

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Pledging to capture the giving spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, the girls in the Saddle Club vow to each do one selfless deed, and Lisa helps a horse named Pepper. Carole's birthday is coming up and she wants to do something speacial. When Stevie's twin brother suddenly takes ill Stevie vows to be the perfect sister. When Stevie and her boyfriend, Phil Marsten, go on the Mountain Trail Overnight, a three-day trail ride, the tension between them grows, and the trip may trigger the end of their relationship.

The Saddle Club: Photo Finish No. 43 by Bonnie Bryant (1995, Paperback)

The saddle club is at it again. Stevie has always longed for a horse of her own, and this summer she finally has the chance to get one. When Carol's dad offers to let Marie Dana stay with them for two weeks while her mother is in Europe Carol initially is excited about the prospect because she has never had a sister. Landing the lead in a community theater's production of Annie, Lisa enjoys rehearsing the part, until the increasing demands of the theater prevent her from preparing a thoroughbred for an upcoming rally.

Accepting her boyfriend Phil's offer to ride the Arabian that his family is boarding, Stevie promises to provide the beautiful horse with the best of care and is alarmed by a mysterious allergy that it develops. When Carole Hanson and her father travel to Minnesota to visit relatives, Carole has the perfect assignment to create a family tree. Stevie Lake is ecstatic.

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When Veronica diAngelo, a rider at Pine Hollow Stables, discovers that her stirrup leathers have been cut before an important hunter jumping exhibition, everyone assumes that practical joker Stevie Lake had something to do with it. It's the invitation of a lifetime. The Horse Wise Pony Club riders have been working hard on a precision horseback drill. Phil Marsten isn't just Stevie Lake's boyfriend. It's Halloween, and Pine Hollow Stables is getting some special visitors - a group of city kids.

Spoiles brat Veronica diAngelo got an expensive, perfect Thoroughbred for Christmas. As it approaches time for Samson, the beautiful son of Cobalt, to be ridden for the first time, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa discover that it may take more time, patience, and skill than they possess to train the horse.

Emily has cerebral palsy, but she and here specilly trined horse get around just fine. Lisa,Stevie and Carole are broke!

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The Saddle Club is thrilled to be attending an international riding competition, even if it means they have to serve as humble grooms for Beatrice Benner and her horse, Southwood. Southwood is the most glorious horse The Saddle Club has ever seen. As Waters Gone By download. Automatic control engineering McGraw-Hill series in mechanical engineering. Maitland DeLand. Beyond: A Ghost Story.

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